Our faculty, Rebbeim and Teachers are passionate about both the caring and academics of chinuch and have worked tirelessly to develop systems that achieve both. Learning is skill based and cumulative across the grades and every child’s scholastic progress and personal growth is tracked, charted, discussed and addressed.

Chinuch in our Yeshiva Ketanah is never stagnant. Every aspect of chinuch is vibrant and multifaceted. Rabbi Blau’s ground-breaking and renowned kriah system created in collaboration with Rabbi Rosenbaum, is a skills based Chumash curriculum developed in our Yeshiva. Under the direction of Rabbi Sabo and Rabbi Meizlish there is a Chumash based curriculum which gives each child the ability to learn on his own.

The bar of excellence is constantly being raised in the General Studies department as well. Our students are offered a strong foundation in order to build upon their schema-previous knowledge and skills.


“What worked yesterday may not work today. Kids are wired differently than in previous generations. We need to create new modalities and a caring system so that we can achieve academic heights while at the same time reaching each child “ba’asherhushum.”
– Rabbi Asher Sabo, Menahel

“We believe very strongly in understanding the needs of our talmidim and giving them the best experience they can have. If they enjoy yeshiva, they will get the most out of it, and iy”H grow to great heights in Torah and mitzvos.”
– Rabbi Shmuel Goldstein, Menahel

“It is a privilege to observe our students in my daily “walk-throughs”, as I notice their productivity and their intrinsic motivation as they complete their assigned tasks. It is our mission to assist them in their educational and emotional growth throughout the grades and reach excellence in all areas.”
– Rabbi Yosef Deutscher, Principal – General Studies


Rabbi Shmuel Goldstein
Rabbi Asher Sabo


Rabbi Yosef Deutscher
Principal, General Studies

Rabbi Dovid Moshe Meizlish
Director of Curriculum
Limudei Kodesh

Rabbi Sholom Jaroslawicz
Administrative Assistant, General Studies

Mrs. Malky Berger
Director, Related Services

Mrs. Toby Gershbaum
Mrs. Fagie Kupferstein

Curriculum Coordinators
General Studies