Our Bais Medrash and Kollel Nachlas Dovid, named in memory of R’ Dovid Kestenbaum z”l, includes a strikingly broad range of ages and levushim, but the common goal amongst the bochurim and yungerleit – to learn Torah – unites them. The atmosphere is lofty on a spiritual level, friendly and very well balanced.

What is particularly unique about our Bais Medrash is the great diversity of available limudim and shiurim, in addition to growth in hashkafa and mussar. Every talmid can choose what most appeals to him, as well as a combination of several miktzo’os: The yeshivish lomdus of Rav Savitsky’s shiur; the breadth and depth of Horav Lichtenstein shlita; the clarity of Rav Yisroel Reisman’s shiur, the limud of the Kollel – Kollel Nachlas Dovid under Rav Label Wulliger, the Choshen Mishpat Chaburah under Rav Tzvi Kramer, a musmach of Rav Belsky zt”l; the Kollel Hora’ah led by Rav Eli Reisman, the Yoreh Deah Semicha program, taught by Rav Naftali Leshkowitz, the Halacha Chaburah under Rav Chananya Pollak; are just some of the options. Each track is personal and conducive to each talmid’s maximum success.

Our Bais Medrash is one that so many revered Gedolim have graced over the decades. Our goal each day is to perpetuate their legacies within these hallowed walls.


Horav Yosef Savitsky
Rosh Hayeshiva

Horav Yitzchok Lichtenstein
Rosh Hayeshiva

Horav Yisroel Reisman
Rosh Hayeshiva

Horav Moshe Wolfson
Mashgiach Ruchni

Horav Elya Katz

Horav Label Wulliger
Rosh Kollel Nachlas Dovid

Legendary Roshei Yeshiva and Marbitzei Torah have created the fabric of the Torah Vodaath Beis Medrash for close to a century

  • Rav Yisroel Belsky zt”l
  • Rav Dovid Bender zt”l
  • Rav Avrohom Braude zt”l
  • Rav Elya Chazan zt”l
  • Rav Zelig Epstein zt”l
  • Rav Reuven Fain zt”l
  • Rav Nosson Elya Gertzulin zt”l
  • Rav Reuven Grozovsky zt”l
  • Rav Shlomo Heiman zt”l
  • Rav Elazar Kahanow zt”l
  • Rav Uri Meir Kahanow zt”l
  • Rav Yaakov Kamenetsky zt”l
  • Rav Yaakov Kantrowitz zt”l
  • Rav Osher Katzman zt”l
  • Rav Shmuel Kushelevitz zt”l
  • Rav Dovid Leibowitz zt”l
  • Rav Yaakov Moshe Leizerson zt”l
  • Rav Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz zt”l
  • Rav Avrohom Pam zt”l
  • Rav Chaim Avrohom Pincus zt”l
  • Rav Nesanel Quinn zt”l
  • Rav Moshe Dov Ber Rivkin zt”l
  • Rav Moshe Rosen zt”l
  • Rav Moshe Samuels zt”l
  • Rav Reuven Scheiner
  • Rav Gedaliah Schorr zt”l
  • Rav Yitzchok Meir Schorr
  • Rav Dovid Schweitzer
  • Rav Yitzchok Sekula
  • Rav Aharon Yeshaya Shapiro zt”l
  • Rav Simcha Sheps zt”l
  • Rav Eliyahu Moshe Shisgal zt”l
  • Rav Dovid Stamm
  • Rav Shmuel Traube zt”l
  • Rav Moshe Tzvi Waintraub zt”l
  • Rav Meier Weinberg