Chaim H. Leshkowitz
Chairman of the Board

A Yeshiva cannot sustain itself without the tireless leadership, vision and initiative of its Executive Board. With Herculean efforts, they have been responsible for the resurgence of Yeshiva Torah Vodaath. Working closely with the Yeshiva’s Executive Director to steer this great Torah institution toward success and longevity, they have created a revolution and renaissance of excellence within the Yeshiva that today’s talmidim are fortunate to enjoy. It is only due to the expert direction and support of these distinctive Bnei Torah who share their business acumen and ambitious drive for achievement, that Yeshiva Torah Vodaath stands strongly at its Centennial.

Executive Members of the Board of Directors

Matis Friedman

Moishe Haas

Naftali Leshkowitz

Abraham Reiss

Harry Skydell

Gedaliah Weinberger

Moshe Zafir

Moshe Zafir

Rabbi Yitzchok Gottdiener Executive Director