Mesivta Torah Vodaath continues its elevated path as a makom Torah where learning b’iyun and bekius are both taking place in an advanced manner, while incorporating a strong emphasis on Avodas Hatefillah and middos development – in an atmosphere permeated with energy and excitement.

This synthesis is modeled by the warm concern and dedication of the Menahel and the Mashgiach and an incredible group of focused and dedicated Rebbeim who utilize the opportunity of limited class size to teach and reach each of the talmidim. They work tirelessly to ensure that there is something fresh and exciting happening on a constant basis including guest appearances by gedolei Yisroel and Marbitzei Torah who make a profound impact upon the talmidim.

The Kol Torah in our Mesivta reverberates round the clock – from the voluntary seder before Shacharis to the voluntary extra late night sedarim. Every aspect of the Mesivta is of the highest caliber, and the bochurim are constantly shteiging in their yedios HaTorah and their understanding of lomdus.

“I believe the greatest inspiration for a bochur to shteig is the connection they have toward their Yeshiva—the Roshei Yeshiva, Ramim and Hanhala. To that end, I look for ways to build a kesher with every talmid; to listen; provide guidance and mentorship. This is what keeps them close year after year, and long after they are on their own.”
– Rabbi Ephraim Glassman, Menahel

The Torah Vodaath Joseph Melohn High School General Studies program continues to serve as a role model for Mosdos across the state, providing a first-class education within a rigorous Yeshiva setting and its accompanying Torah values. The curriculum is comprehensive and contemporary, in compliance with the latest Common Core standards. The atmosphere is motivational and sincere. Talmidim give the studies their all and pass the NYS Regents exams at record rates. More than just studying material, talmidim sharpen their thinking skills and put them in action.

“Equipping Bnei Torah with the skills they will need in various areas of life is a most worthy goal. We are honored to provide them this opportunity under the strict guidance of the Roshei Hayeshiva, shlita.”
– Rabbi Yissocher Fishman, Principal – General Studies


Rabbi Ephraim Glassman

Rabbi Yissocher Fishman
Principal, General Studies

Rabbi Moshe Lamm
Assistant Principal, General Studies