As the mother of the Yeshiva movement in America, Yeshiva Torah Vodaath bears an illustrious legacy of close to one hundred years. For five generations, the visionary foresight of the leadership of Torah Vodaath has hewn the path for a Torah true education and the unprecedented growth of yiddishkeit in this country.

One of the remarkable aspects of Torah Vodaath, is the fact that despite its age, the Yeshiva has never grown old. Today, with an enrollment of close to one thousand students, the dynamic vitality and innovative spirit of the Yeshiva is reflected in every facet of each of its divisions, from Nursery through Kollel. Located in the Kensington section of Flatbush, Torah Vodaath recently responded to the demands of the shift in demographics by opening a satellite Pre-school in Marine Park.

Cutting edge resources, innovative teaching methods, contemporary ideas, and student focused programs, have always been the defining characteristics of the Yeshiva. At the same time, the Yeshiva remains true to its mesorah and its vision – the core principles that are at the heart of Torah Vodaath.

It is only due to the generosity of our friends and supporters that with Hashem’s help we are able to continue in our sacred work. With your assistance, we can reach even greater heights as we educate the next generation of bnei Torah.